Everything started with three young

men with a dream.

The history of our company began early 2000. On the beautiful island of Rhodes the founders of the company found the perfect place to build their dreamvillas. Pelle, Magnus and Perarne decided that Rhodes is the place to be.


13 years later their dream was fulfilled. They had now built their own houses on the island they fell in love with all those years ago. This was the houses that should come to be the place were friends and family would be together. Here you would socialize across generations and create memories for life.

Rhodes is the place to be

To be with friends and family is the one thing Haxe values most above all and is why our founders first started this project. We at Haxe want to give people the opportunity to be at a place where you can create memories for life together with the ones that means the most to you and we hope that our houses can be that place.

Lunchtime with family and friends at the beach

A wonderful sunset in Lindos.

Here is the place to relax.

Family fun in the villa pool.

Everybody wants to join.